To all the lovely ladies out there, the wives, girlfriends, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and daughters….. THIS IS FOR YOU AND THOSE YOU LOVE.
So, the male in your life has it all and has bought just about every vehicle and accessory you could think of? Maybe he has even broken the bank in the process! He has loaded the bond, made the bank manager cry and sacrificed every comfort item you may wish to have. The kids are without their Blackberries and actually have to talk to their mates face to face.
Every holiday, long weekend and , normal weekend that is possibly a long weekend – the 4x4 is packed to the hilt and ready to hit the open road to get to that elusive distant place that offers tranquillity, peace of mind, rest & recovery – and a survival camp that test your tolerance to levels beyond what you thought was possible.
Now, we have nothing against off-road trips and general camping – in fact it could be most enjoyable – but has anybody cared to consider the needs of woman on such events?
This website is dedicated to all woman who enjoy outdoor activity be it as a spouse or as an individual or as a group of likeminded individuals. Our vision is to research and offer all those products and items that make your life comfortable in the outdoors tailor made to your needs.

This could range from the information on vehicle choice should you wish to do your own trips, to accessories that work and add comfort, to clothing, make-up, shoes, hats, books, tents, fridges, cooking utensils that actually work without destroying your hands, suitable swimming costumes, cold weather clothing, rain protection, 4x4 tips, medical box tips & F.A.Q's, Recipes, comfy chairs, tables that work and are easy to handle and much more.

However, the success of this endeavour will greatly depend on your feedback. We invite you to send us a some suggestions of those products that will make your life more enjoyable. Simply email us your suggestions or just a chatty email if you wish.
Watch this space. It belongs to you.
Warmest of greetings
For all the 4x4 Accessories!!!